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Use the map to find your favorite mobile meals, or scroll through the twitter feeds of Durhams best food trucks.

  • DeliiciousTruck Deli-icious Truck
    @BonnerGaylord Food Truck owners are more than just that. Caterers, Brick N Mortar owners, chefs for charter schools http://t.co/x4L9JnnLTj
    Fri Aug 28 2015 2:26:07 PM
  • RelayFoodsNC Relay Foods Triangle
    The Right Fit Club is having their grand opening Sat! Stop by anytime for fun, classes, and more! @RelayFoodsNC will be there with bells on!
    Fri Aug 28 2015 2:12:41 PM
  • ValentinoTruck Valentinos FoodTruck
    Breakfast Pizza Bread Stuffed with Tavern Ham, Cheddar & Brown Sugar GrannySmith Apples Tomorrow morning @HollySprings_CC @HSFarmersMarket
    Fri Aug 28 2015 2:06:39 PM
  • ChirbaChirba Chirba Dumpling
    Chirba is headed to the mountains! If you are in Boone...7pm-10pm! http://t.co/qpj8wsFrMt
    Fri Aug 28 2015 2:03:52 PM
  • locopops Locopops
    Get it while it's hot-we have Pineapple Ginger Aleppo Pepper! And then cool it down with a Watergate Salad :)
    Fri Aug 28 2015 1:31:32 PM
  • HibachiXpress Hibachi Xpress
    Event Due Diligence by Asking the Right Questions for Better Success - All food truck owners do their event due di... http://t.co/XgQQrit64Y
    Fri Aug 28 2015 1:12:47 PM
  • AmericanMLTDWN American Meltdown
    Fri Aug 28 2015 1:09:51 PM
  • NCBulkogi Bulkogi Korean BBQ
    Tonite we're traveling to Winston Salem for their Downtown Food Truck Fridays at 751 W 4th St Winston Salem! Serving from 6-9! See you soon!
    Fri Aug 28 2015 1:05:32 PM
  • bullcitystfood BullCity Street Food
    BCSF will be posted @loneriderbeer tonight 4-9pm●8816 Gulf Ct●Raleigh●Hope to see you there!!! #BCSF #realfood http://t.co/WQutxTfLJZ
    Fri Aug 28 2015 1:02:45 PM
  • parlourdurham The Parlour
    @bliss_24 yes! Sorbet always soy free, vegan ice cream contains soy lecithin only when it's chocolatey.
    Fri Aug 28 2015 12:37:39 PM
  • MonutsDonuts MonutsDonuts
    Prequel to fall...Romaine, butternut squash, chicken, bacon, pecorino, pepitas & housemade sage buttermilk ranch. http://t.co/d1FNK8Q4ra
    Fri Aug 28 2015 11:40:03 AM
  • thehumblepig The Humble Pig
    Today #lunch 523 Davis Dr #RTP 11:30-1:30
    Fri Aug 28 2015 11:22:52 AM
  • AllAmericanRDU The All American
    Another private company party today! You can catch us tomorrow @HSFarmersMarket Rodeo. #America #Winning
    Fri Aug 28 2015 11:16:17 AM
  • BOskitchen14 Gavin Bo Kwon
    Serving @PNCArena 11:30-1:30pm It's been a while, PNC people!!! Please enjoy the weather with us!! :) http://t.co/bO21CbgIB0
    Fri Aug 28 2015 11:11:17 AM
  • onlyburger OnlyBurger
    Come join us at the Fidelity Food Truck Rodeo just off 54. We'll be here till 1:30! http://t.co/1LAHkLeKFa
    Fri Aug 28 2015 11:03:43 AM
  • KoKyuBBQ KoKyu BBQ
    Upstate NY Greens over Seared KoKyu Pork Belly Carnitas, yes please! #UticaStyle #YousGuys #Mangiamo #GreensSupreme #SmuggledCherryPeppers
    Fri Aug 28 2015 10:41:28 AM
  • piepushers Pie Pushers
    join us for lunch @ncstate at 930 Main Campus Dr!! pie pushin 11:30a-1:30p!! @ N.C. State University… https://t.co/HYZrqpurPI
    Fri Aug 28 2015 10:39:40 AM
  • parlezvouscrepe Parlez-Vous Crepe
    The Nawlins-inspired muffuletta crepe: genoa salami, mortadella, ham, provolone,mozzarella, & Italian olive salad. Saturday nite @unWINEdNC
    Fri Aug 28 2015 10:28:12 AM
  • cjstreetfood CJ's Street Food
    Lunch Friday is at our regular spot at Qualcomm from 11:30 to 1 :30! 8041 Arco Corporate Drive in Raleigh!
    Fri Aug 28 2015 10:18:13 AM
  • BRCuisine Baton Rouge Cuisine
    No Northchase today...sorry for inconvenience
    Fri Aug 28 2015 9:38:24 AM
  • SoomsoomPita Soomsoom PitaPockets
    Try amazingly healthy tasty Cauliflower pita! United Health care Operations 3131 RDU Center Dr,Morrisville 11:30-1:30 http://t.co/gFvGPc3zXo
    Fri Aug 28 2015 8:17:15 AM
  • CaffeBellezza Caffe Bellezza
    It's #Friday !!! We're at 635 Davis dr, Morrisville, 8-10am! http://t.co/m0jXr89ZUU
    Fri Aug 28 2015 7:49:55 AM
  • Chick_N_Que Chick-N-Que
    Come have dinner with us on Tuesday in Louisburg. http://t.co/x9JUN0MGNK
    Thu Aug 27 2015 6:10:51 PM
  • Porchettardu Porchetta
    The truck will be at North Gate Park tonight from 5-8:30 with @piepushers @bmexcafe and @parlourdurham
    Thu Aug 27 2015 3:22:55 PM
  • DangGoodDogs Dang Good Dogs
    We're catering an end of summer bash at University Apartments today! Hungry residents? Hire the Hot Dog Pros!
    Thu Aug 27 2015 1:06:18 PM
  • LoMoMarket LoMoMarket
    Hey @SolisCrabtree, see you every SUNDAY starting this one, 12-1:30pm! Come by for some local brunch fixin's.
    Thu Aug 27 2015 12:35:12 PM
  • captainponchos Captain Ponchos
    The News & Observer has an article about our recent roadblock with our opening of our new restaurant. http://t.co/zkbkzA0CRM
    Thu Aug 27 2015 12:28:02 PM
  • baguettaboutit Baguettaboutit
    #SaveTheFoodTrucks @Baguettaboutit @chirbachirba @Only Burger Raleigh remapping effort could affect food trucks http://t.co/YPNZrcdBBk
    Thu Aug 27 2015 8:10:15 AM
  • kocinafoodtruck Kocinafoodtruck
    First Friday at the museum of history, raleigh https://t.co/sNUSxxditR
    Wed Aug 26 2015 7:51:15 PM
  • willandpops Will & Pop's
    @GoLibraries email at
    Wed Aug 26 2015 6:59:42 PM
  • BamPowChow BamPowChow
    Dinner awaits you at 9920 Jamison Valley Drive, Raleigh. Here till 7:30
    Wed Aug 26 2015 5:42:25 PM
  • FlavaCafe vegan Flava cafe
    Got our permit dawg! We are open today for dinner 5pm - 9pm.Carrot Tuna & Almond Seafood Salad Wraps,Too Tasty Tacos http://t.co/mc501DWSEm
    Wed Aug 26 2015 11:23:26 AM
    Southern Comfort Food with an Indian Twist!! Where can you get this?? Only at @eatTANDURM!! Curry On ✌🏾️
    Wed Aug 26 2015 9:48:16 AM
  • TriangleRawFood Triangle Raw Foods
    Even though the cafe is closed, you can still order cases of Love Bars to be shipped to your house!!! http://t.co/aJD0EOLdpB
    Tue Aug 25 2015 2:47:14 PM
  • AmigosanFood AmigoSan Food Truck
    These 2 boys met today for the 1st time Zane Alexander Orzel & Sutton Michael Romine . They where… https://t.co/eBn7EW78fD
    Mon Aug 24 2015 6:43:57 PM
  • HalalHaven Halal Haven
    @AmericanMLTDWN Making us proud Paul.#foodnetwork
    Sun Aug 23 2015 10:05:55 PM
  • firsthandfoods Firsthand Foods
    Mother and daughter enjoying Firsthand Foods brats @DurhamBulls game. http://t.co/avpTtHfASz
    Sun Aug 23 2015 7:19:49 PM
  • GreekGussys Gussys Greek Truck
    Gussy's is looking for a cashier on our food truck. Great personality and lots of energy needed
    Sun Aug 23 2015 7:46:05 AM
  • bigmikesbbqnc Big Mikes BBQ
    #bigmikesbbqnc will be at Super Sod in Apex off #HWY55 from 9AM -2PM today! #BBQ
    Sat Aug 22 2015 9:10:40 AM
  • DaisyCakesNC DaisyCakes
    It's our last lunch and we are staring it at 11 today! http://t.co/JtwbiMQ7Tw
    Fri Aug 21 2015 10:48:16 AM
  • SargesChef The Sarge
    Two private parties today but you can catch us Tuesday @NCSU Centennial Campus from 11:30-1:30 PM. 🚍 #GoPack ❤️ #WhyIsThereNoWolfEmoji
    Sat Aug 15 2015 2:34:10 PM
  • LivsFoodTruck Livs Food Truck
    Liv's will be serving awesome Creole cooking from 9-2am at the Social tonight! Come grab some Jambalaya and play... http://t.co/MvswfXTbwk
    Fri Aug 14 2015 2:11:52 PM
  • SweetStaceyCake Sweet Stacey Cakes
    .@SteveTobak @Entrepreneur, not true. They follow through, they follow up and they follow the success they have inspired others to achieve.
    Tue Aug 11 2015 8:26:45 PM
  • RollingBistro_ Rolling Bistro
    Big Boss Brewery 3p-7p today. Godfather,Ybor City Special, Magic Mushrooms and more....
    Sat Aug 01 2015 12:41:39 PM
  • @sapphireem thanks to you for having us come out
    Wed Jul 29 2015 9:48:20 PM
  • UMUMItalianIce Bob Wickstrom
    Went to the Chowdown on Chatham on sunday. It was awesome. Tons of people. Ate @BamPowChow the tacos were amazing. Thanks guys.
    Tue Jul 28 2015 5:22:03 PM
  • LoYoOnTheGo LoYo On The Go
    Spinning chocolate, vanilla , peanut butter and pomegranate raspberry sorbet and lots of fresh fruit and fun toppings
    Fri Jul 24 2015 11:18:59 AM
  • GreedyZSteaks GreedyZ Cheesesteaks
    Hungry? Ready to FeedUrGreed? See you tonight at the Pittsboro Food Truck Rodeo! https://t.co/GmuqAHUbDf
    Sat Jul 18 2015 8:10:30 AM
  • stokeandsmoke StokeandSmokeBBQ
    @ValentinoTruck @gofundme no one hurt. Thanks for your concern. Happened quick
    Wed Jul 08 2015 10:46:08 PM
  • boxcarrfarms Boxcarr Farms
    Happy 4th | Boxcarr Boys https://t.co/eNRjIyfTJW
    Sat Jul 04 2015 8:57:52 AM
  • EmpireEatsTruck Empire Eats Truck
    Serving at Edinborough Commons 6421 Campus Dr Raleigh Until 8:30PM EDT https://t.co/JeD0MYN1mB
    Tue Jun 30 2015 5:20:08 PM
  • CafeProst Café Prost
    Mon May 18 2015 10:23:11 PM
  • MaMaDukesLLC MaMa Duke's
    Thank you for all the love and support friends. MuchRespect Help the MamaDukes Guys. Click to Donate: http://t.co/7Ev1erIV68 via @gofundme
    Mon May 04 2015 10:02:42 PM
  • WickedBiscuitCo Wicked Biscuit Co
    It's a sad day ... Wicked Biscuit has closed for good. Thank you all for your love!
    Sat Mar 21 2015 12:38:45 PM
  • donsclassicices Don's Classic Ices
    two words about The Interview schtick- Coke Classic
    Wed Dec 17 2014 11:05:33 PM
  • ChaisGlobal Chai's Global Food
    Come get some spicy garlic edamame at the Raleigh food truck rodeo!!! http://t.co/iC8TBTDPQA
    Sat Oct 11 2014 11:22:48 PM
  • gobblersburgers Gobblers Burgers
    #healthyliving #healthyeating #diet @gobblersburgers
    Sat Aug 23 2014 12:06:08 AM