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Use the map to find your favorite mobile meals, or scroll through the twitter feeds of Durhams best food trucks.

  • bullcitystfood BullCity Street Food
    BCSF will be posted @paws4ever_nc for PawsFest today 11am-2pm●6311 Nicks Rd●Mebane●Hope to see you there!!! #BCSF #realfood
    Sat Oct 10 2015 4:26:10 AM
  • thehumblepig The Humble Pig
    Downtown Cary Food & Flea http://t.co/EfK7INTLu5
    Sat Oct 10 2015 12:50:29 AM
  • piepushers Pie Pushers
    Tomorrow (Sat) from 󾀡 8:30am-12:30pm Hunt St Art & Food Truck Market (214 Hunt St, 27701) See our full schedule... http://t.co/XlTmRKUUp6
    Fri Oct 09 2015 10:03:02 PM
  • baguettaboutit Baguettaboutit
    Out & About Newsletter | This Weekend @WRALoutandabout http://t.co/9nl6wMUL8M
    Fri Oct 09 2015 9:38:32 PM
  • parlourdurham The Parlour
    @pkpatnaik possibly...going to do some research!
    Fri Oct 09 2015 8:09:44 PM
  • NCBulkogi Bulkogi Korean BBQ
    Thank you @Food_Trucks_RVs for the quick fix! The truck is back on the road!
    Fri Oct 09 2015 7:20:55 PM
  • HibachiXpress Hibachi Xpress
    #foodtruck 1st visit @compassrosebrew 3201 Northside Dr, #101 Ral. Sat. 6-8pm. http://t.co/nZYr9DxHEH
    Fri Oct 09 2015 7:01:34 PM
  • KoKyuBBQ KoKyu BBQ
    We really Wish we could join you in the woods at Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance this... http://t.co/bciXxvHy0i
    Fri Oct 09 2015 5:43:35 PM
  • ChirbaChirba Chirba Dumpling
    Come find us tonight at The Caronlina Inn's Friday's on the Front Porch, 5pm-8:30pm! http://t.co/JRn6LF0OYv
    Fri Oct 09 2015 4:35:07 PM
  • Porchettardu Porchetta
    Tonight you can find us at @RaleighBrewing from 5:30-9:30!
    Fri Oct 09 2015 3:39:45 PM
  • parlezvouscrepe Parlez-Vous Crepe
    Sweet seasonal special: pumpkin butter & shaved dark chocolate. Saturday in Carrboro's Glasshalfull lot, 9-2!
    Fri Oct 09 2015 3:21:36 PM
  • ValentinoTruck Valentinos FoodTruck
    Stuffed Shell Pasta Filled w Butternut Squash, Spinach~Sun Dried Tomatoes, Mozzarella & Ricotta Cheese in A Butternut squash sauce On Sunday
    Fri Oct 09 2015 2:54:32 PM
  • firsthandfoods Firsthand Foods
    Pasture-raised livestock for fighting climate change? Look forward to more from Allan Savory #carolinameatconference http://t.co/u0gAlcWZvc
    Fri Oct 09 2015 12:00:00 PM
  • FlavaCafe vegan Flava cafe
    Get some Vegan Flava! Daily Spec:Org Red Beans & Rice,Org Curry Lentils,or Baked Spaghetti w/plantains&kale http://t.co/WZvVGcAy8c
    Fri Oct 09 2015 11:57:13 AM
  • SoomsoomPita Soomsoom PitaPockets
    Morehead-Cain Alumni Forum, today 6-9pm with @AmericanMLTDWN @CMLobster @GreekGussys @parlezvouscrepe
    Fri Oct 09 2015 11:39:49 AM
  • cjstreetfood CJ's Street Food
    Two stops Friday. Lunch will be at Qualcomm from 11:30 to 1:30! Later we will be down in Clayton at Deep River Brewing from 5 to 9!
    Fri Oct 09 2015 11:29:52 AM
  • onlyburger OnlyBurger
    Fidelity Food Truck Rodeo today from 11:30-1:30. Come & Get It!!! http://t.co/L08fQ2eYS4 http://t.co/JaqXyE4D8T
    Fri Oct 09 2015 11:17:00 AM
  • willandpops Will & Pop's
    For Lunch we are at 1350 Raleigh Rd Dinner we are at 8115 Strickland Rd
    Fri Oct 09 2015 10:34:42 AM
  • DeliiciousTruck Deli-icious Truck
    Carrot-Coconut Soup topped with Curried Almonds today @channeladvisor 2701 Aerial Center Pkwy #Morrisville til1:30 http://t.co/EjUd8fnNqI
    Fri Oct 09 2015 10:27:25 AM
  • MonutsDonuts MonutsDonuts
    Maple Black Pepper Cortado! A classic Cortado w/ warm maple undertones and a tingly, peppery, finish. $3.50 #pepitup http://t.co/kXoIYcqTMF
    Fri Oct 09 2015 9:20:04 AM
  • BRCuisine Baton Rouge Cuisine
    Lunch location today is cancelled due to planner wanting us to be moved to day other than Friday. Check out... http://t.co/UWtM4yckgC
    Fri Oct 09 2015 9:05:24 AM
  • SargesChef The Sarge
    @bux23 thanks for the love!!! But we are not able to make that event. Such is the life of a food trucker...
    Thu Oct 08 2015 11:10:09 PM
  • LoMoMarket LoMoMarket
    Hey @bullcityrunning @RiseDurham @Harvest_18 We want to bring more local to your neighborhood, need 60 more votes! http://t.co/CLHxAJ36wP
    Thu Oct 08 2015 6:20:14 PM
    @bullmccabesdnc now till late. Come see what we made today!! You won't be disappointed!!!
    Thu Oct 08 2015 5:54:44 PM
  • kocinafoodtruck Kocinafoodtruck
    Thu Oct 08 2015 4:23:10 PM
  • captainponchos Captain Ponchos
    @scottsin we're happy to hear that! Thank you
    Thu Oct 08 2015 2:17:26 PM
  • BOskitchen14 Gavin Bo Kwon
    Serving at 1001 winstead dr Cary 11:30-1:30pm. It's a beautiful day! And don't forget your sunglass :) http://t.co/E19dn8OaVc
    Thu Oct 08 2015 11:35:04 AM
  • GreekGussys Gussys Greek Truck
    Gussy's will be at 7010 Kitt creek rd in Morrisville from 11:30-1:30. Come get your Greek on. OPA
    Thu Oct 08 2015 11:19:01 AM
  • GreedyZSteaks GreedyZ Cheesesteaks
    I know what's for dinner tonight... Greedy'Z Cheesesteaks and Hoagies! Feed my Greed! https://t.co/DNaBjw6DRH
    Thu Oct 08 2015 11:17:00 AM
  • DangGoodDogs Dang Good Dogs
    We're feeding the hungry students of Research Triangle High School today! Look for us Saturday for your Hot Dog fix!
    Thu Oct 08 2015 9:34:50 AM
  • AmericanMLTDWN American Meltdown
    This Sunday!!! http://t.co/HG1JK2Teaz
    Thu Oct 08 2015 9:12:11 AM
  • RelayFoodsNC Relay Foods Triangle
    It's #NationalKaleDay!!! Head to @RelayFoods website for some kale-licious recipes! https://t.co/UcQ7NU1XOp http://t.co/3BB1Ioo2nG
    Wed Oct 07 2015 11:24:33 AM
  • BamPowChow BamPowChow
    Lunch!! 8051 Arco Corporate Dr w/ @BamPowChow @BOskitchen14 @WanderingMoose1 @BistroRoute @SweetWaterIces come on over
    Wed Oct 07 2015 11:18:18 AM
  • Chick_N_Que Chick-N-Que
    Serving lunch @ North Park Rodeo, 4800 Falls of the Neuse Rd, 11:30-1:30pm.
    Wed Oct 07 2015 9:03:54 AM
  • bigmikesbbqnc Big Mikes BBQ
    Don't share these enough but we love our customers - thanks for the positive feedback! https://t.co/91SE3DY7Tg
    Tue Oct 06 2015 1:35:33 PM
  • locopops Locopops
    It's Election Day so get out and vote! Wear your "I Voted" sticker in store today and get a free serving for... http://t.co/m6ToVq0EDh
    Tue Oct 06 2015 11:23:22 AM
  • Play Bowling King with me! [http://t.co/rpDh7IodN7] #Bowling_King
    Sun Oct 04 2015 6:38:00 PM
  • HalalHaven Halal Haven
    What rain? #halal Memorial Hall @uncmsa #platters http://t.co/r5D38QUdnR
    Fri Oct 02 2015 6:55:23 PM
  • UMUMItalianIce Bob Wickstrom
    @M.E.S. For the fall festival this past Friday and had some #awesome food @ChirbaChirba thanks guys for coming out in the rain
    Wed Sep 30 2015 12:06:13 PM
  • RollingBistro_ Rolling Bistro
    Perimeter Park mini Rodeo today 1130-130 3015 Carrington Mill
    Tue Sep 29 2015 11:33:50 AM
  • CaffeBellezza Caffe Bellezza
    Happy #NationalCoffeeDay ! We're in #Raleigh at 8100 Creedmor Rd 9-10am
    Tue Sep 29 2015 9:29:59 AM
  • AmigosanFood AmigoSan Food Truck
    Congrats to Raleigh's 1st All Girls Food Truck Race Winners. Well done @PhoNomDumplings .Way to sell an extra 50 to take the checkered flag
    Sun Sep 27 2015 10:02:22 PM
  • SweetStaceyCake Sweet Stacey Cakes
    Wake up at noon? ;) https://t.co/dBMHxefySV
    Sat Sep 26 2015 12:22:41 PM
  • CafeProst Café Prost
    Retweeted Pie Pushers (@piepushers): #TrucksfromtheMarket @DCPDurham @piepushers @ChirbaChirba @thehumblepig... http://t.co/300YAl0UEy
    Thu Sep 24 2015 4:05:54 PM
  • AllAmericanRDU The All American
    Congrats to @AllAmericanChef! He has been invited to compete in the @Family_Leisure Bull Burger Battle @FoodWorldChamp in October! #America
    Thu Sep 17 2015 3:47:22 PM
  • TriangleRawFood Triangle Raw Foods
    Even though the cafe is closed, you can still order cases of Love Bars to be shipped to your house!!! http://t.co/aJD0EOLdpB
    Tue Aug 25 2015 2:47:14 PM
  • DaisyCakesNC DaisyCakes
    It's our last lunch and we are staring it at 11 today! http://t.co/JtwbiMQ7Tw
    Fri Aug 21 2015 10:48:16 AM
  • LivsFoodTruck Livs Food Truck
    Liv's will be serving awesome Creole cooking from 9-2am at the Social tonight! Come grab some Jambalaya and play... http://t.co/MvswfXTbwk
    Fri Aug 14 2015 2:11:52 PM
  • LoYoOnTheGo LoYo On The Go
    Spinning chocolate, vanilla , peanut butter and pomegranate raspberry sorbet and lots of fresh fruit and fun toppings
    Fri Jul 24 2015 11:18:59 AM
  • stokeandsmoke StokeandSmokeBBQ
    @ValentinoTruck @gofundme no one hurt. Thanks for your concern. Happened quick
    Wed Jul 08 2015 10:46:08 PM
  • boxcarrfarms Boxcarr Farms
    Happy 4th | Boxcarr Boys https://t.co/eNRjIyfTJW
    Sat Jul 04 2015 8:57:52 AM
  • EmpireEatsTruck Empire Eats Truck
    Serving at Edinborough Commons 6421 Campus Dr Raleigh Until 8:30PM EDT https://t.co/JeD0MYN1mB
    Tue Jun 30 2015 5:20:08 PM
  • MaMaDukesLLC MaMa Duke's
    Thank you for all the love and support friends. MuchRespect Help the MamaDukes Guys. Click to Donate: http://t.co/7Ev1erIV68 via @gofundme
    Mon May 04 2015 10:02:42 PM
  • WickedBiscuitCo Wicked Biscuit Co
    It's a sad day ... Wicked Biscuit has closed for good. Thank you all for your love!
    Sat Mar 21 2015 12:38:45 PM
  • donsclassicices Don's Classic Ices
    two words about The Interview schtick- Coke Classic
    Wed Dec 17 2014 11:05:33 PM
  • ChaisGlobal Chai's Global Food
    Come get some spicy garlic edamame at the Raleigh food truck rodeo!!! http://t.co/iC8TBTDPQA
    Sat Oct 11 2014 11:22:48 PM
  • gobblersburgers Gobblers Burgers
    #healthyliving #healthyeating #diet @gobblersburgers
    Sat Aug 23 2014 12:06:08 AM